Update Thursday 9th of May - 2019

  • Creatures

    - Added extra mobs per zone, so you can encounter different types in each zone now.

  • Experiance

    - Implemented experiance gained decay on mobs, so you won't get any experiance points when you kill a mob 6 levels lower than you, and you will receive a lowered amount of experiance points when you kill a mob 4 levels under you.

  • Classes

    - Mage have been added as a pickable class now, only with 2 spells like the other classes though. My plan is to get hunter working with 2 spells as well and then i will add the remaining spells and see if i can balance them properly. Mage seems to overscale a bit much, which I will work on now.

    - Warrior have gotten a cooldown on mortal strike which lasts for 3 rounds. (Working on a way to display the cooldown).

  • Online

    - Implemented chat system and leaderboard function (currently working on the database connection). When the database is up and running then the chat system and leaderboard will be fully working.

  • Design

    - I'm working on some themes, i have uploaded a red'ish theme as of right now. If this is something people would like to see more of then i got around 4 themes ready to be implemented. Write on Barrens.Chat if you'd like to see more.

  • Practical

    - The game has gotten a new domain and therefor i am also trying to figure out a way to transfer the progress for people who played on boxcode.dk/dist, I'm not sure if this is possible but i will come with an update as soon as i know.

  • GitHub

    - Link is coming soon.

Thanks so much to the community of Barrens.Chat you guys & girls have been a amazing help to keep me going on this project!